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Lamp oil

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Discounts are valid for all goods except church candles, candlesticks and paraffin wax. The discount on the product is valid when ordering by box norms - 1 size / 1 color 6 pcs. or 12 pcs

Own production from the Kremenchug Candle Factory.
Best Hydrotreated Oil:
1. Ash content - 0.0028% is something that does not burn, the 3rd decimal place means that a very pure product !!!
2. The flash point is 180 degrees, which means that it will not ignite spontaneously until it reaches 180 degrees. It's Safety !!!
3. The pour point is - 22 degrees, which means it can be stored in unheated rooms.
4. Lack of water, what means even burning without cracking.
5. Mass fraction of sulfur 0.003% is the most important indicator. Indicator of HYDROTREATING of the product.
See the test report on the photo!

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