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About us

We offer to your attention rustic paraffin candles. Our candles use the best European materials: high-purity paraffin, colorants from BEKRO CHEMIE GmbH (Germany), wick from Westdeutsche Dochtfabrik GmbH & Co. KG ”(Germany). The master carefully selects the wick and the color so that the candle carries the light not only into your home, but also into your soul. The color  range of our candles is represented by more than 63 colors and shades, with a possibility of expansion of a palette and choosing of individual color for the customer (for example, use of corporate colors of the company, restaurant).

And what an interesting range among shapes and types of candles.

• Classic shapes (squares, balls, pillars ...) are used for interior decoration of offices, hotel halls, restaurants and own houses, from small desk candles to massive floor one;

• Designer (heart, David's star, mosaic, baroque etc.) will be a pleasant gift to anyone who receives them, will bring pleasure and enjoyment due to their attractive shape and magical light;

Сandles with outdoor wick will decorate summer terraces, restaurants, cafes, suburban areas. The special diameter of the wick will keep the candle burning even in windy weather.

We wish the candle of your happiness to burn forever.