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Decorative paraffin candles, paraffin and beeswax Church candles!

Welcome to candle online shop - Candle factory "Сandy Light"

We offer to your attantion rustic paraffin candles. For production of our candles we use the best European materials: high-purity paraffin, colorants from BEKRO CHEMIE GmbH (Germany), wick from Westdeutsche Dochtfabrik GmbH & Co. KG ”(Germany). The master carefully selects the wick and color so that the candle carries light not only to your home, but also to your soul. The color range of our candles is represented by more than 63 colors and shades, with a possibility of expansion of a palette and selection of individual color for the customer (for example, use of corporate colors of the company or restaurant).

Candlelight creates a special atmosphere, coziness in the room. In the online shop "Candy Light" you can buy decorative, scented, church and other candles on favorable terms. The sale is carried out wholesale and retail. Among the wide range you are sure to find products for your purposes and needs.

Decorative, designer candles, elegant candleholders will become an original accent of interiors in various styles. They are ideal for romantic dinners, massage parlors, cafes, bars and restaurants. The production of candles is carried out with the use of materials that do not harm health and do not emit an unpleasant odor.

Candles to create a special atmosphere, solemnity and a feeling of celebration

Having original shapes and bright or rich colors, decorative candles are suitable for special occasions - in the form of flowers, fruits, geometric figures and objects. Such products are made in such a way that only the inner part of the candle burns out, and the outer side retains all its design beauty.

Scented candles will fill the space with a unique aroma and fragrance. Scented candles are in demand among young people, they will be a great supplement to a romantic atmosphere and are perfect as a gift. Here you will find a large range of fragrances for both women and men - citrus, woody, exotic, floral, sweet.

Such purpose-made candles as church or Easter are used for special occasions. This is a popular and full-fledged attribute for holidays and various events.

Buy candles in the online shop Candle Factory and enjoy the beauty and warmth they give. You can also order original and exclusive products taking into account personal needs and tasks.