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Sale of household candles wholesale and retail 

Household candles are candles made of unpainted paraffin, have the usual cylindrical shape and white color. These candles are widely used in everyday life. This is the simplest and cheapest kind of candle. Most often they are used because of temporary lack of electricity. The candle burns for a long time, is environmentally friendly, and does not create any discomfort for others. Household candles are placed in a candlestick, which makes the candle more stable.


Household candles are irreplaceable helpmates over the ages

From time immemorial, household candles have been an indispensable assistant in every home. In their light, hostesses were sewing, schoolchildren were learning, young children were playing, and craftsmen were making their products. These simple but important items made the home cozy on cold and long winter evenings. At first, wax was poured into a simple form with a wick, and, as time went on, shaped candles began to be made.

Household candles in Ukraine

Household candles are still actively used in everyday life. They are cylindrical in shape. There are wax or paraffin candles. The latter are preferred today. They are most often used when there is a temporary lack of electricity. It is very convenient to have a small set in a quickly accessible place. White beautiful color helps household candles look good in candlesticks.

Our company is producing household candles. The advantages of our products are:

  • Usage of high quality unpainted paraffin for production;
  • environmental friendliness and absence of unpleasant odour;
  • burning time;
  • long shelf life;
  • affordability due to low prices.

We offer to purchase candles in a set or by the piece. The height of the product is usually 16.0 - 23.5 cm, and the diameter is 1.3 - 2.0 cm.

Buy paraffin household candles

Our company sells household candles in retail and wholesale throughout Ukraine. You can order needed quantity of candles on the web-site or by calling us by phone. The manager of the company will answer all your questions and offer payment options as well as convenient delivery methods.

In some cases, it is possible to order a batch of household candles of the size and shape you need. You can agree on all of these by phone or by correspondence with our employee.

In individual cases it is possible to order a batch of household candles of the size and shape you need. All of these can be arranged by telephone or correspondence with our employee.

We appreciate our customers and hope that our products will become a pleasant generator of comfort in your home.