25, Svishtovskaya str., Kremenchuk

Poltava oblast

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Booking a factory tour

The Candle Factory invites you to exciting, free group tour.

Here you will plunge into the world of candles. You will see with your own eyes how a candle is born, breathes and hardens. You will see up to 15,000 different candles and shapes at once. We can say with certainty that there is no other place like this in Ukraine.

We will give you a tour for a group of 15 people, children under the age of 15, accompanied by 3 adults. Our goal during the excursion is to share what we are happy to do.

Come to us, the tour will be remembered forever.

For booking and detailed information about the time and date of the tour, call +38 068 678 07 04 Marina.

We guarantee you will leave our factory in a better mood than you have before visiting.