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Sale of scented candles in wholesale and retail

Scented candles are presented in cylindrical form. You can buy with the following scent: vanilla;  caffe latte; lavender; lemon grass; sandalwood; apple-cinnamon. Manufacturer of these scents is Frey&lau Gmbh, Germany. Scented candles will help you create a cozy and festive atmosphere in your house, as well as they create a good mood, relieve fatigue, envelop with a bouquet of fragrances. These candles are a stylish element of modern decor.


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We are producing and selling the widest range of scented candles  in Ukraine. We are manufacturers who deliver scented products to any region of the republic.

What a meditation or Asian massage are complete without aromatherapy?

The advantages of our products:

• a huge selection of sizes: candles vary greatly, both in height and in diameter;

• a wide palette of colors and shades, including mixed ones;

• at the request of the customer we cover the entire candle with gold or silver in whole or in part;

• scented candles from our company are examples of skillful handmade work;

• candles made of paraffin are completely saturated with it, therefore they light up easily and have a long burning time;

• the production of scented candles is carried out at a high professional level using the latest technologies; have an QS stamp.

• scented candles, presented in our online store, will suit the design of almost any room, due to the variety of style solutions;

• will become a pleasant and rather universal present: suitable for many holidays;

• the product is certified, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, i.e. completely safe while meeting the requirements of  fire handling rules;

• fragrant home decor will add solemnity to any event and will be appropriate for any festive occasion.

Where to buy scented candles?

Our online store offers you to buy fragranced home decorations, scented candles. If there are doubts about the quality, it is suggested to purchase samples or one pack weighing 2 kg. Make sure that it's a quality and beautifully designed item.

We transport orders to any region of Ukraine. Delivery by courier is possible within Kiev and Kiev region.

How much does it costs?

Our scented candles in wholesale are inexpensive compared to the competitors' prices. But the company also sells them in small wholesale and even retail. Wholesale customers are provided with discounts!

Choose the most convenient method of payment: cash (when paying at the office of the organization or when paying by courier), bank transfer to a operating account (PrivatBank), payment by credit card through the terminal.

The cost of different types of candles is indicated on the pages on the official website. You can clarify it by calling to a consultant-manager who will place your order with pleasure.

Order from the online catalogue what takes your fancy!