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Scented candles in the glass AG

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Discounts are valid for all goods except church candles, candlesticks and paraffin wax. The discount on the product is valid when ordering by box norms - 1 size / 1 color 6 pcs. or 12 pcs

Scented candles in a glass. You can purchase these candles with the following scents: aloe, lilac, sandalwood, lemongrass, cherry pits, apple-cinnamon. Fragrance manufacturer: Frey & Lau GmbH, Germany. Scented candles will help you create a cozy and festive atmosphere in your home, and they also make you feel good, relieve fatigue, and envelop in a bouquet of fragrances. These candles are a stylish element of modern decor.

Подскажите,это парофиновые свечи ?