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Paraffin wax FR DWC 60-62

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Buying a paraffin for candles is a reasonable solution for many professionals and amateurs. The substance is characterized by a good efficiency and an acceptable cost. If you’re thinking of buying a paraffin for the candles, look at our catalog.

Paraffin 100%, hydrotreated, refractory, in slabs. It is ideal for producing church candles as well as decorative candles. High melting temperature and high viscosity gives the candle stability in the candlestick.  It is very important that the product is hydrotreated, candles made from it can be used indoors. Minimum quantity/weight for placing an order is 25 kg. Discounts are not available for this product.

Paraffin FR DWC 60-62. Melting point 62 degrees; oil content 1.74; penetration 15.

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