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Dinner candles are candles made of paraffin and have the usual cylindrical shape. These candles are widely used in everyday life. This is the simplest and cheapest type of candle. Most often they are used when there is a temporary lack of electricity. The candle burns for a long time, is environmentally friendly, and does not create any discomfort for others. Dinner candles are placed in a candlestick, which makes the candle more stable.


Dinner candles - stylish romance

The true style is often seen in simple things. Minor elements can decorate the house and generate cosiness. Dinner candles are one of the important things that change the interior. They are a more elegant variant of the household "relatives".

Used for:

  • decoration of festive tables;
  • creating comfort in the living room near the fireplace;
  • instilling an atmosphere of romance in the bedroom.

Stylish candles can be a permanent decoration in your home. They look harmoniously in candlesticks and candelabra.

Dinner candles in Ukraine

Our company produces and sells rustic dinner candles in Ukraine. You can buy them wholesale and retail.The advantages of our products:

  • environmentally friendly production material - paraffin;
  • absence of foreign smells;
  • duration of burning time;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • variety of colors;
  • a huge selection of sizes both in height and in diameter;
  • the possibility of individual design with a silver or gold coating, both the entire product and its parts.

Dinner candles are generally cylindrical or conical in shape.

You can buy dinner candles wholesale at any time. We always have a large selection for every taste. The color range is represented by 63 colors and shades.

If you are interested in an individual design, we will certainly take into account your wishes by color, size and design. We are ready to customize any option that interests you. It is possible to design dinner candles in the company’s corporate color style or in the color palette of the entertainment establishment.

If in doubt, we suggest ordering of several candle samples you liked. In that case you can check the quality of the products and make the best choice for yourself.

Order dinner candles

You can order dinner candles wholesale or retail on our website or by phone. The manager will answer all questions and provide advice on price, payment methods and delivery terms. You can also agree on an individual order for the manufacture of candles you are interested in.

Delivery is available across Kiev and throughout Ukraine.

Our candles will become a pleasant and stylish supplement to your interior.