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Production and sale of Church Candles. Wholesale and Retail.


Production of wax and paraffin church candles

We produce paraffin and wax church candles on the machine of the company Herrhammer (Germany). The machine is of a drum type, that means that the candle is layering on the wick every time it goes through a "shower" of raw materials (paraffin or wax), depending on what we produce. You can see a picture of the machine in the section Production.

Each time after the "shower" there is air and water cooling. In our opinion, it is water cooling that "hardens" the candle: the finished candle rings.

After the candle has "layered" on the machine to the desired size, the wick is cut and melted. The wick in the finished candle is completely saturated with paraffin and is easy to light. The external distinguishing feature of our candle is that the melted candle in the wick area looks like a dome.

Quality of candles TM "Candy Light"

You can check the quality of candles TM "Candy Light" by ordering samples or buying one pack (2 kg) in any size.

Choose the Church Candles that suit you


    Paraffin  Wax, Higher Quality  Wax, First Quality
8 2 kg  65 pcs     
10 2 kg  50 pcs     
20 2 kg  100 pcs   
30 2 kg  150 pcs     
40 2 kg  200 pcs   
60 2 kg  300 pcs   
80 2 kg  400 pcs    
100 2 kg  500 pcs    
  276 UAH 450 UAH 420 UAH

Church candles: shopping for your soul

We offer cooperation in the sale of church candles in Ukraine in large and small wholesale, as well as retail.

Owning our own production, we have established the production of church candles from paraffin and wax of the higher quality.

Red church candles are available.

Our church candles feature long burning time, aesthetic colours and the possibility of choosing candles of the needed size.

Steps of making church candles

Drum-type machines are used in the production of products. Over and over again, raw materials (wax or paraffin) are layering on the wick. The wick undergoes a kind of shower treatment.

The resulted form is subjected to air and water cooling.

Having reached the required dimensions of the product, we begin to form the wick. It is cut and melted to shape it.

If we talk about paraffin candles, they are lighted up easily due to the complete saturation of the product with paraffin.

Advantages of our production

Our big plus: the production process takes place on the equipment of the German brand "Herrhammer".

Having our own production guarantees the absence of dealer markups what saves the customer's money.

All goods are certified and marked by the Quality Control Department. It is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and, if used correctly, is absolutely safe.

A distinctive feature of our products is the corporate design. The candle in the area of ​​the wick resembles a dome of a temple.

Those who wish to buy inexpensive church candles have the opportunity to pre-check the quality by purchasing samples. You can also make a trial purchase buying 2 kg pack.

A guarantee is provided for any batch of products. Products with detected factory defect are exchanged for similar ones that do not contain defects at the expense of the manufacturer.

How to buy church candles

  • Call the phone numbers listed on the main page of the official website.
  • Order a callback. Our operator-consultant will call you back immediately.
  • Use the "cart" and place an order on the company's website.

How to pay

We work with any form of payment that is convenient for the buyer. These are: cash at pickup, bank transfer to the bank account of our enterprice, payment through the terminal to a bank card (PrivatBank), cash on delivery (within Ukraine).

Order receipt

We are selling church candles in bulk delivering to any of Ukrainian regions. The purchase will be delivered no later than three days from the date of the application. Transportation of cargo in Ukraine can be carried out with the help of the transport companies "Delivery" or "Nova Poshta".

Products are selled directly from the factory. You can choose one of two forms of delivery: to the warehouse or to the doors of the office or other premises.

For pickup we release the batch from the factory pickup point. It helps the client to save money.