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Сandle Torch

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Discounts are valid for all goods except church candles, candlesticks and paraffin wax. The discount on the product is valid when ordering by box norms - 1 size / 1 color 6 pcs. or 12 pcs

Garden candles are designed for landscaping. These candles have a “mega-wick”, thanks to which the candle is not afraid of wind and light rain. The height of the flame provides sufficient illumination in the dark. The Torch candle is attached to a special fixture, which goes with this one. Garden candles are used only in outdoor areas: during holidays in the countryside, outdoor picnics, street performances and shows, they are widely used for decorating a garden and park area. With the help of these candles, you can add some completeness and special individuality to the design of your park area. It is not recommended to use it indoors, because the wick is not intended for this and can "smoke".

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