Hollow Form Cylinder - Candy Light

Hollow Form Cylinder

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57.60 грн
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All cylinder shapes are made of high quality paraffin. The colors and sizes of these forms are very diverse, you can choose them according to your own preferences. These forms will be an ideal addition to the design of any holiday, as well as create a cozy atmosphere in the house. You will not remain indifferent to their unique design and beauty.


vendor code Diameter, cm. Height, cm. Burning time, hour. Price, UAH.
Form FC1010 10

57.60 UAH.
Form FC1514 15

99.12 UAH.
Form FC1920 19

183.36 UAH.
Form FC2523 25

366.42 UAH.
Form FC3020 thirty 464.10 UAH.

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Hollow Form Cylinder - Candy Light
Hollow Form Cylinder

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