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First quality beeswax church candles

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Discounts are valid for all goods except church candles, candlesticks and paraffin wax. The discount on the product is valid when ordering by box norms - 1 size / 1 color 6 pcs. or 12 pcs

We produce paraffin and beeswax church candles on the machine of the company Herrhammer (Germany). The machine is of a drum type, that means that the candle is layering on the wick every time it goes through a "shower" of raw materials (paraffin or wax), depending on what we produce. You can see a picture of the machine in the section Production.

Each time after the "shower" there is air and water cooling. In our opinion, it is water cooling that "hardens" the candle: the finished candle rings.

After the candle has "layered" on the machine to the desired size, the wick is cut and melted. The wick in the finished candle is completely saturated with paraffin and is easy to light. The external distinguishing feature of our candle is that the melted candle in the wick area looks like a dome.

 No. 20
No. 20 2 kg - 100 pcs Ø ≈ 0.95 cm, ⇕ ≈ 29.5 cm
420.00 UAH
 No. 40
No. 40 2 kg - 200 pcs Ø ≈ 0,775 cm, ⇕ ≈ 25 cm
420.00 UAH
 No. 60
No. 60 2 kg - 300 pcs Ø ≈ 0,70 cm, ⇕ ≈ 21 cm
420.00 UAH
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