Production of church candles


The price from 300 packs is discussed individually! ТМ "Candy Light".

   Paraffin Wax, Highest grade Wax, 1-st grade
8 2 kg 65 pcs 
10 2 kg 50 pcs 
20 2 kg 100 pcs   
30 2 kg 150 pcs 
40 2 kg 200 pcs   
60 2 kg 300 pcs   
80 2 kg 400 pcs  
100 2 kg 500 pcs  
Price from 300 packs is discussed individually! 105 UAH 270 UAH 200 UAH
Production of church candles

We produce church candles paraffin and wax on the machine tool of the company "Herrhammer" (Germany). The drum type machine, that is, the candle grows on the wick every time, passing the "shower" from the raw material (paraffin or wax), depending on what we produce. Photo of the machine can be seen in the Production section.

Every time after the "shower" comes air and water cooling. It is water cooling, in our opinion, the "hardens" the candle: the finished candle rings.

After the candle has "grown" on the machine to the correct size, the felling and melting of the wick is going on. The wick in the finished candle is completely impregnated with paraffin and it is convenient to light it. The external distinctive feature of our candle is that the melted candle in the area of the wick is similar to a dome.

Quality candles TM "Candy Light"

The quality of candles TM "Candy Light" can be checked by ordering samples or buying one packet (2 kg) in any size.


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