Candle torch - Candy Light

Candle torch

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Garden candles are designed for landscape design. These candles have a "mega-wick" , thanks to which the candle is not afraid of wind and light rain. The height of the flame gives sufficient light in the dark. The candle "Torch" is attached to the special fastening that comes with the kit. Garden candles are used only in outdoor areas: during recreation at the cottage, picnicking in the outdoors, street performances and shows, they are widely used to decorate the garden and park area. With the help of these candles, you will be able to make some kind of completeness and special individuality in the design of your park zone. It is not recommended to use indoors, since the wick is not intended for this and can "smoke" .


vendor code Diameter, cm. Height, cm. Burning time, hour. Price, UAH.
Candle torch T04 * 21/1-xx 4
42,00 UAH.
Candle torch T04 * 21 / 1-3-xx (set of 3 pieces)
21 24 UAH 120.42

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Candle torch - Candy Light
Candle torch

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