Mosquito candle picnic (citronella) - Candy Light

Mosquito candle picnic (citronella)

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The mosquito candle is made of high quality paraffin with the addition of Citronella essential oil (produced from natural raw materials by steam distillation) from Fray & Lau GmbH (Germany). After 30 minutes from the moment of the burning of the candle, the air is filled with the aroma of essential oil, which repels mosquitoes and midges, while remaining safe for the human body. The range of one candle is up to five meters (depending on the strength of the wind). For a company of 6-8 people, two mosquito candles are recommended. Mosquito candles are intended only for street use: during a holiday at the cottage, picnic in nature, etc.


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Candle picnic C10 * 06/1-xx (citronella) 10
42,42 UAH.

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Mosquito candle picnic (citronella) - Candy Light
Mosquito candle picnic (citronella)

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