A candle is a perfect gift. In many countries it is customary to give candles, because it is believed that living fire symbolizes the comfort and warmth of the home. The game of flame fascinates us for a long time, unable to take our eyes away from the spark of a candle that flutters in the wind. Many still do not doubt the omnipotence of fire magic: a burning candle can save you from misfortune, dispel depression. Candles are a universal addition to the basic gift. They will be relevant to almost any occasion: they are presented for the New Year, February 14, March 8, Birthday. Gifts for Easter, too, can not do without the original candles in the form of eggs. Choose and give, so you deliver a lot of positive emotions to yourself and the person to whom you give a gift. Be sure, such original candles will not dust on the shelf, but will for a long time please its owner.


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