Classic paraffin candles


Classic candles are presented in different forms: cylinder, prism and ball. The colors and sizes of these candles are very diverse. You can choose them on your own and preferences. Classic candles symbolize triumph, happiness, spiritual blessing and purity, and that is why they are always relevant, consonant with all styles and interiors. We bring to your attention a wide range of classic candles.

Cylindrical candles

Cylindrical candles are presented in different sizes and colors. The composition of the candles is high-quality paraffin. The wick is selected individually for each candle size, which affects the combustion quality. The colors and sizes of these candles are very diverse, you can choose them according to your own preferences. The use of cylindrical candles is different: the decor of the house, apartments, restaurants, cafes, offices, gift option.


Candles in the form of a ball attract attention by an unusual kind. It is believed that in each room should be objects of rounded shape, this is a good sign. For a long time, the rounded form symbolized incompleteness, longitude, and infinity. By purchasing this candle, you will be able to admire its flame for a long time, and it will not require a lot of space. A candle in the form of a ball will lift your mood and become an indispensable attribute of any room.


Candles in the form of prisms have different sizes and colors. These candles can be found in: offices, cafes, restaurants, houses and apartments. They are also popular in the role of a gift. Due to high quality and lower price, our candles are much more popular among buyers than similar, quality candles of foreign manufacturers. Candles do not flow and do not smoke. Candles in the shape of a prism are a good practical souvenir or a small gift that will create a romantic warm atmosphere in the house or apartment.


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